Death of Lars Nelson

Originally published in the Kendall County Record, Oct 8, 1890

Transcribed by Jane Willey-Fey

Lars Nelson was born in Hardanger, Norway, Sept. 29, 1818, and died at his home near Newark, after a short illness, Sept. 30, 1890. In 1837 he came to America with his father, mother, two sisters and three brothers, all of whom are dead except Iver, one of the brothers, living one mile and a half east of Newark. The family at first settled near Beaver Creek, Iroquois County, Ill. The same fall or the next spring they moved a few miles away to a place on the Iroquois river, in Newton county, Indiana. Here leaving his relatives young Nelson returned to Illinois in 1835 and took up his abode at the old Vermet tavern on the State road, nine miles from Ottawa, where he employed himself for awhile as a teamster to and from Chicago. Then he came to the vicinity of Newark, became acquainted with the Anderson family, married the oldest daughter, Anna Anderson, and soon the owner of the farm of 80 acres, two miles east of where he lived. He was a member of the North Prairie Lutheran Church and was much respected by all. The remaining three daughters, Mrs. John Lawson, Mrs. Martin Christian, and Miss Belle Nelson were at the funeral with their widowed mother and their six brothers, and what specimens of physical manhood these six brothers are, large and strong and none of them less than six feet in height. Morally, and socially too they need not take a back seat in the community. Freemont, Isaiah, and John reside in Dakota, the others here.

The funeral, Oct. 1, was largely attended. Singing, prayer and a discourse in English by Rev. Ole Andresen took place at the house between 11 and 12 o'clock. Then the procession made its way to the North Prairie church where Rev. P. A. Rasmussen preached in Norwegian from Phil. 3.7.8, and he feelingly alluded to the fact that Mr. Nelson was there present at communion only two weeks before. At the open grave in he Little North Prairie cemetery nature seemed to sympathize with the bereaved, for a slight sprinkle of ran was falling like teardrops as the minister was pronouncing the solemn words, "Af jorden er du kommen, til jord skal du blive, og af jorden skal du opstaalgjen,"of the earth art thou begotten, to earth shalt thou return and from the earth shalt thou rise again." Then a final prayer was offered, a hymn sung, and Lars Nelson was at rest.

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