Kendall County Genealogical Notes

Kendall County was named for Amos Kendall, Postmaster General in Andrew Jackson's administration. The county was organized February 19, 1841, and contains nine townships. The three northern townships, Oswego, Bristol and Little Rock were originally part of Kane County. The six southern townships, NaAuSay, Kendall, Fox, Big Grove, Lisbon and Seward were part of LaSalle County. The county seat is Yorkville.

Notes of interest to genealogists:

Until fairly recently, NaAuSay and Seward Townships had no incorporated villages or towns within their borders. Historically when the town of Seward is referred to, the reference is to Seward Township. The town of Minooka, in Grundy County, has historically been only a stones throw south of Seward Township. The northern portion of Minooka now lies in the extreme southern portion of Kendall County. Over the years, many residents of Seward Township have been served by the Minooka post office.

NaAuSay Township has no incorporated areas within its borders. Any reference to the town of NaAuSay is a reference to NaAuSay Township.

The village of Montgomery historically has been just over the Kendall-Kane County line. Recently, Montgomery has spread into part of Kendall County. Residents of the northeast corner of Bristol Township may have a Montgomery address.

Historically the town of Sandwich has been across the Kendall-DeKalb County line. Lately, a portion of the city of Sandwich has moved eastward into Kendall County. Residents of western Little Rock Township in Kendall County may have a Sandwich address .

The village of Millington was platted in January 1838 and called Milford until sometime in the 1870's. For a brief period in the early 1870's Milford became Mellington. In June 1872, the US Postal Service changed the name of Mellington to Millington. A special problem exists for genealogists searching in the Millington area. The village of Millington is divided by the Kendall-LaSalle County line. About half the village lies in each county. Anyone contemplating research in the vicinity of Millington, should consider researching both Kendall and LaSalle County sources.

The village of Little Rock straddles the Kendall-Kane County line.

There is a large unincorporated area in the northeastern part of the county called Boulder Hill.

In addition to the Milford/Millington name change, a number of other name changes have occurred over time. At one time, the village of Bristol was a community across the Fox River north of the village of Yorkville. The two villages were divided by the river but united by a bridge. Early Bristol was often referred to in documents and newspaper articles as North Yorkville. At the same time the village of Bristol existed, another community called Bristol Station existed about 3 miles north of Bristol. In 1957, Bristol and Yorkville were united. Both sides of the river are now called Yorkville. Shortly after the village of Bristol became part of Yorkville, the name of Bristol Station was changed to Bristol.

Genealogists working with Kendall County data may encounter the place names, Aux Sable Grove, Big Grove, Long Grove, and Specie Grove. Aux Sable Grove, Long Grove and Specie Grove refer to the large stands of native hardwoods that existed when the first settlers arrived. The names do not refer to villages or towns but rather to areas. Big Grove, on the hand, is the name of the township in the southwest corner of the county and also refers to a hardwood timber tract that was part of both Fox and Big Grove Townships.

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